• Keith Settles

Four Years

Nine weeks on the road and nothing to come home to but a few cats and TV dinners. 2016 was more than halfway over, and all I had to show for the year were nine weeks driving around the country in a Penske box, which to most would be a summer worth living. It was one of the best summers ever, but I left home to start a new life. To get away from what I considered a job I hated at the time and living in the middle of nowhere without cellphone reception and wifi. A low key life that forces the brain to overthink about what can go wrong in life.

The second week home and I had a bottle of Jim Beam and my guitar. I sat there thinking where I had been all summer in comparison to the beginning of that year before moving to Colorado. 2016 began rough. I was just out of a relationship I thought would go the distance and spent the first of those months in depression. I wrote a few songs before moving, but there was no change in my mood or perception of life. I felt God had forsaken me, the ideas I grew up with had failed me, and I faced my mortality and place in this world.

That September evening, I drank 750ml's of Jim Beam, put on a movie, and by midnight fell asleep. Two hours go by, and I woke up taking deep breaths and laying on my side. The pit in my stomach was tied in knots. I sang old hymnal's under my breath and prayed that God would let me wake up in the morning. I took the next day off of work, hungover and alone. I might sound a little overdramatic, but its how I felt at the time.

That day I slept off my drunken stooper and pulled out my guitar. I fingered a three-chord progression. The capo was on the sixth fret, and I was moving my hand positions from Am, G/B, C. The first words I sang to myself were, "Here I am, alone again..." and from there, I wrote what would be the first chorus.

Four Years is a 3 act story that focuses on the ideas I grew up within the Church. I am still a believer, but at the time, I entered a questioning phase. I grew up with the ideas that I could hear God's voice when I am quiet, and when I prayed. I also believed the one woman I would ever be with would be the one woman I would marry. I didn't take into consideration that life would throw curveballs my way. Life threw them, and I swung and missed.

All in all, it took me about 45 minutes to put Four Years together. At the time, I had four songs written but did not know what to do with them. I had no incentive to play shows and was too insecure even to believe I could get on a stage again. Four Years was the first song I wrote on my own that gave me the confidence to get back to the stage. The urge to get back on the stage was growing.

I thank Chris Kemple, Bill Gonzalez, Shaun Hale, Brian Raczon, and Nate Vizcarra for lending me their ears when I was sending Four Years for critiques. It was a song I forgot about for a while until Chris and I decided it was time to record it. Chris killed it with the synths and organ tracks and pushed my vocals to sound their best at that time.

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