podcast host & producer

Available to manage, record, edit, and transmit podcasts for anyone that wants to jump into podcasting.

social video producer

Video content creator and editor for anyone interested in furthering their brand through video content.

public relations

Planning, developing and implementing PR strategies for musical acts and non-profit organizations.


Professional songwriter available for music consulting for rock and roll bands, and other artists.


Being creative is the number one reason I wake up in the morning. Whether I am playing guitar and singing my lungs out in a hot Southern California music venue, hosting and producing podcasts and radio shows, or setting up sporting events, I strive to put my thumbprint on everything I do.


I have played music for over twenty years and have been apart of the music scene for the 7 of those years. I have written for publications, filmed and documented concerts, producer and co-host of the ROMPOD (the romantic comedy podcast), and now the producer for The Random Encounters podcast. What wraps around these projects is my job in the education field and the occasional side job assisting running sporting events all around the country. 



It is no question that I enjoy staying busy and productive. My end goal is to carry out the goals set by myself and the people I am working with. Everything I work on requires a high-quality standard so everyone that is a part of the experience goes home happy and entertained. 




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